Why mortgage pre-approval before writing an offer is so important for home buyers!

It’s a buyer’s market out there: a healthy inventory of available homes, record-low mortgage interest rates, and programs incentivizing short sales and pre-foreclosure purchases. So what could stop you? Delays in your mortgage financing. If you aren’t pre-approved upon making an offer, you could suffer penalties for blowing important purchase and sale contract dates, or lose the home (and your deposit!) completely. So here are a few reasons why you should take the time to get pre-approved for a loan before beginning to look for a home and the vast difference between pre-approval and qualified:

Pre-Approval vs. Qualified

Being pre-approved for a loan means a lending institution checked your credit, verified your income, and determined the amount you are qualified to borrow. The process to get pre-approved is the same you would take to get a mortgage – it just happens before you start looking for a home. Qualified simply means that based on a soft credit inquiry, it looks like you could possibly qualify for a loan – because there was not a true inquiry into your credit, or an examination and verification of your monthly income, being ‘qualified’ carries no weight with a lender or seller.

Why Buyers Should Get Pre-Approved

Pre-approval shows you are serious.

In this economy, sellers want to know you have the ability to complete the sale. Therefore, they are just as apprehensive about having a potential buyer’s financing not come through as the buyer themselves may be. By getting pre-approved and receiving a bank’s pre-approval letter, you are demonstrating that you are serious about purchasing and have the ability to do so.

Pre-approval establishes your spending limit.

Your pre-approval letter will put into concrete terms exactly what you can afford. This not only makes you an informed, responsible buyer, it streamlines your house search as you know ahead of time exactly what price range you need to be looking in for a home.

Pre-approval gives you power.

Having a pre-approval letter means you are approved for a loan from a lender. This demonstrates that you have the ability to purchase a house, and that the purchasing process will go smoothly and more quickly since you’ve already covered the ground work on the financial end. Pre-approval also gives you the advantage over other buyers who haven’t been pre-approved and who may be competing with you for the same property. Lastly, pre-approval gives you negotiating power.

Pre-approval gives you confidence.

Getting pre-approved ahead of your home search gives you absolute confidence that you will find a home that suits your needs because you know exactly what price range you’ll be in, and what kind of home you can afford in that price range. Pre-approval removes the anxiety of questions like ‘can we really afford this?’ or ‘will I be able to get the kind of home I want?’ By removing the anxiety, you’ll be able to actually enjoy your home searching process – and that’s the way it should be.

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