Why Buy a Home in the High Desert

victorville new homesThe High Desert: Victorville, Apple Valley, Hesperia…these are just some of the cities that make up that quiet region along the i-15. Maybe you have lived there before, maybe you have friends who live there, or maybe you have only ever passed it while on the road to Las Vegas. Whatever your knowledge of the High Desert, we’d like to lay out a few reasons why you just might want to call it home. So why buy a home in the High Desert? We’ll tell you why.

Not Just Tumbleweeds – Reasons to Buy a Home in the High Desert

For starters, the High Desert has one of the best arid climates in the nation. Rainfall is scarce, humidity is almost non-existent, and locals enjoy fluctuating warm and cool temperatures year round. Sure, you’ll get a few 100-degree days in July and August, but by and large, the cities in the High Desert have some of the best weather you’ll ever find.

Second, there’s the ambiance. With sprawling Southwestern-style suburbs and business districts, it’s the perfect place to come just to enjoy the scenery. In fact, millions of tourists stop in each year to do just that.

Third, we have the home prices. This is perhaps the #1 reason why so many people are moving to Victorville and neighboring cities. You can find some of the most gorgeous family homes for a mere fraction of what you would pay in other cities. And we’re not exaggerating. The California average home cost is $355,000, but in Victorville, the average home is around $200,000. And these homes aren’t shacks either.

These are just some of the many reasons to consider buying a home in the High Desert.

See What We Mean

If you’d like to see just what we’re talking about in terms of gorgeous, affordable homes in the High Desert, give us a call. At For Sale Refund, our High Desert agents know the neighborhoods intimately. They know where the best deals are, when the most desirable real estate is, and most important, how you can get the most bang for your buck. Best of all, if you buy with one of our agents, we’ll give you a 100 percent real estate commission rebate. So give us a call at 1-855-FSREFUND, and let’s find your spacious new dream home in the High Desert.

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