Multiple-Offer Property, defined: How to win Los Angeles County homes for sale with Full Service Refund discount real estate agent

While the days of crazy bidding wars over Los Angeles county homes for sale are probably gone, the national market has certainly picked up; resulting, for the first time in several years, the potential for multiple bids being made on certain Los Angeles County home properties: aka “multiple offers.” Knowing you are up against other bids – particularly for a Los Angeles County home you really like – can be extremely stressful. This is why it’s important to follow the advice and guidance from your experienced discount commission rebate real estate agent. But if you haven’t secured your FS Refund commission rebate discount real estate agent yet, here are a few tips from them to help guide you through a multiple-offer deal:

Getting Pre-Approved by a Lender
We’ve said it many times here on get pre-approved before you even begin to look at Los Angeles County homes for sale. Being pre-approved means you’ve gotten an affirmative answer that the particular lender to whom you’ve gone will give you a mortgage – not possibly give you a mortgage on Los Angeles houses for sale, which is what pre-qualified is. Showing a seller you are pre-approved means that you are serious about purchasing Los Angeles County homes for sale and have the ability to do so – placing you ahead of other bidders who have not been smart enough to take this step. Your Full Service Refund commission rebate discount agent will have multiple lender referrals for you to get pre-approved prior to your house-hunting.

Don’t Overanalyze the Other Offers
By law, you cannot know what the other offers are on any multiple offer Los Angeles County houses for sale. So don’t drive yourself crazy trying to outsmart people when you don’t and won’t have the information to do so. If you’ve taken the time to get pre-approved to purchase any Los Angeles County homes for sale, you know what your personal budget is, so you need to set your low and high offer based on that. Your Full Service Refund commission rebate discount real estate agent will also be able to review comparable Los Angeles County houses for sale in the area and help you to determine your best offer(s).

Put Together a Great “Package”
Sellers of Los Angeles County houses for sale are going to look at a full picture, not just an offer. This includes whether or not the bidder is pre-approved, how much money down they can offer and how flexible they are with selling dates of any Los Angeles County homes for sale. Working with your discount real estate agent, you will put together your best package. This may include a larger-than-normal cash deposit down, flexibility or speed in closing dates and your lender’s pre-approval letter. You will never know exactly what a seller is looking for, so go out with your best comprehensive package.

Don’t Be Pushed to Make an Offer You Aren’t Comfortable With
When dealing with a multiple-offer property, stakes can seemingly get raised very quickly. Don’t fall for this! Keep the focus on you, what you can truly afford and what you are truly comfortable with in your Los Angeles County homes for sale purchase. After all, you don’t want to overbid on a house that you can’t ultimately pay for or perhaps even living to work instead of workign to live! Your Full Service Refund commission rebate discount real estate agent will also be there to help separate the chafe from the wheat – i.e., help you to see the facts of the situation versus rumor and innuendo on your Los Angeles County homes for sale purchase.

With home sales finally climbing back up and mortgages at historic low interest rates, the health of the real estate market is finally starting to rebound with Los Angeles County houses for sale. Don’t lose out on a great home because you’ve been frightened away by multiple offers – contact one of our experienced, professional Full Service Refund commission rebate discount real estate agents today and capitalize on today’s market. Plus, you’ll get a cash rebate at closing equal to 1% of your expert agent’s commission, like exceptional broker Realtor Donald Ross. Call 1-855-FSREFUND (1-855-377-3386) today to start your Los Angeles County homes for sale search.


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