Laguna Beach and Orange County CA Homes for Sale – It’s Time to Make That Home Purchase!

It’s tough to see exactly how the economy is doing in an election year, but numbers don’t lie: home sales are on the upward swing after four years of historic lows. Inventory levels are lower, home sales are higher, and the number of new distressed properties on the open market is declining. It is a gradual growth, but one that could turn this long stretch of a buyer’s market into a seller’s market by this time next year. So if you’ve been contemplating a home purchase in the Laguna Beach CA area, it’s time to contact a Full Service Refund real estate commission rebate agent and start looking at properties.

Current Laguna Beach CA Houses for Sale Trends
Overall, California foreclosure notices were at their lowest levels since 2007. In the Laguna Beach homes for sale CA area, the numbers look like this:

Coastal Area Sale and Distress Sale Statistics For 2012 From 01/01/12:

Corona del Mar homes for sale
Costa Mesa homes for sale
San Clemente homes for sale
Laguna Beach homes for sale
Laguna Niguel homes for sale
Newport Beach homes for sale
Newport Coast homes for sale
San Clemente homes for sale

- Active Listings = 1,414
Distressed = 90

- In Escrow Listings = 997 Distressed =

- Sold from 01/01/12 = 3,527 Distressed
= 1008

DQ News, 8/31/12)


As you can see from the above data, the total percentage for distressed Laguna Beach CA area homes for sale is almost 30%, with the total amount of currently distressed Laguna Beach CA area properties for sale in escrow being 46% – almost half! However, the current number of actively listed Laguna Beach CA area distressed properties for sale, in comparison to overall active Laguna Beach houses for sale listings makes up only 6%. Clearly, the market for distressed sales is shrinking – which is why you need to contact an discount commission rebate realtor today.


The rate of sales has also gone up, but interestingly the days on
market have lengthened:


YearComparison NewListings SoldListings AverageSales Price AverageDOM
June 2011 71 26 $1,986,143 119
June 2012 71 40 $1,652,828 155



One of the reasons given for the extended day on market number is that sellers are, for the first time in several years, able to receive several offers for properties. While it is still a buyer’s market, the best properties are becoming more sought-after properties. So what does this mean?

It means that it is indeed still a buyer’s market, but it is a shrinking market. One of the most important tools you can access during this time is getting pre-approved by a lender for a mortgage. Your discount Full Service Refund commission rebate realtor will have referrals for you to pursue this. See our previous article if you’d like more information on How to get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage.

There is no need to panic about purchasing your next home; but, each cycle has a beginning and ending, and indicators are that these once-in-a-lifetime market conditions are starting to wind down.

For more information on how discount Full Service Refund real estate commission rebate agents like our exceptionally competent Broker Realtor Donald Ross can help you with your Laguna Beach home purchase, call 1-855-FSREFUND (1-855-377-3386) today.


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