Houses for Sale in San Bernardino – Prices are Rising, but We Can Help

houses for sale in san bernardinoA new report from is shedding some interesting light on the state of home sales in the Inland Empire. As it turns out, home prices in San Bernardino County are rising quickly, and that means that home sales are dropping. In fact, I.E. home sales have fallen by 14 percent over the past year, which is one of the highest drop rates in California. The problem is that more and more people are having difficulty finding affordable houses for sale in San Bernardino, but it doesn’t need to be that way.

Houses for Sale in San Bernardino – There are Still Deals to Be Found

It’s a universal fact that as the economy improves, home values rise. But as home values rise, home sales drop. It’s a strange paradox, but that’s typically how it works. People don’t want to spend more than necessary on a new home, and nobody wants to risk foreclosure, so buyers tend to tread lightly. So yes, prices are on the rise, but at FS Refund, we only work with agents who know their neighborhoods intimately. Our expert San Bernardino realtors know every nook and cranny of this great city, and they know where the best deals are…even as other realtors fall short.

Find Affordable Houses for Sale in San Bernardino

If you’re frustrated by rising home costs, we understand, and we can help you to get into a beautiful, affordable home. For instance, check out this quaint home on 3rd Street. It includes an incredible 1,720 square feet, it’s conveniently located near the downtown district, and would you believe that it’s being offered for only 159,000? That’s about half the California average for housing prices! Snatch it up before someone else does.

And it’s just one of dozens of San Bernardino houses that we have to offer. If you’d like to see this or other local homes, give us a call at For Sale Refund. You can reach our agents at 1-855-FSREFUND, and best of all, we’ll give you a 100 percent real estate commission rebate just for buying with us. So let’s get started, and let’s find the home of your dreams.



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